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Each Gammoner backgammon board is individually handcrafted by me according to your wishes and color preferences.

I currently produce boards in three different sizes that offer the occasional and professional player the greatest possible level of convenience and playing comfort.

The board for 50 mm checkers has the following dimensions: approx. 39 x 63 x 9 cm when closed, and approx. 78 x 63 x 4.5 cm when opened, which is within the permitted tournament dimensions for backgammon cases. Since this "King Size" board is too big for some people, I have introduced the "Traveller" size. The difference lies in the number of checkers (11 instead of 12) that can be lined up vertically in the board. This results in the following dimensions: approx. 39 x 58 x 9 cm when closed, and approx. 78 x 58 x 4.5 cm when opened.






The Traditional Board from Gammoner fits 45 mm stones and measures approximately 35 x 57 x 8 cm when closed and 71 x 57 x 4 cm when opened.  

Gammoner's newest board is the Club Board. The Traveller is to the King Size what the Club Board is to the Traditional. Dimensions are 13.8" x 20.75" x 3.1" (35 cm x 52.7 cm x 8 cm) closed and 28" x 20.75" x 1.55" (71 cm x 52.7 cm x 4 cm) opened. This is even more ideal for venues with smaller tables or to easily pack in your suitcase when traveling to a tournament. Even though this board is smaller, it offers all the details found in our larger boards.

The weight of both the traditional and club boards was kept as low as possible and at just under 5 kg, both boards are lightweights among current brands.

Special sizes, for example for your own checkers, are available on request.

The color palette includes more than 40 different felt colors, so a myriad of combinations are possible to create your own individual Gammoner backgammon board. The interior division for the game pieces and the doubler and the design of the dice tray can be made according to your wishes. There is also enough space on an engraved metal plate for your name or a personal dedication.

Only high-quality 3mm felt (Wool Seal quality) is used as the inner material, which is precisely fitted, has a dirt-repellent effect and can withstand even high mechanical stress. If the felt is slightly dirty, it can be easily cleaned by gently rubbing it with a damp cloth; if it is very dirty, a standard upholstery cleaner will help.


The outer material of the case is always the finest, padded cowhide from German production and tanning. Here too, different colors and designs are available on request. The handle is covered with the same leather as the case. The high quality of the leather guarantees a long life for the board, and not just in terms of appearance.


The corners of the case are glued and additionally protected by nickel-plated or gold-plated stainless steel caps. When the case is put down, it stands on nails on the floor that prevent damage or soiling. The high-quality combination locks are available in various colors and designs, work precisely and offer additional protection to the case's contents with an individually assigned number combination. All fittings are style- and color-coordinated.


The Gammoner backgammon board is equipped with a pair of dice cups, also handmade from 5 mm full-grain leather, two pairs of precision dice, a large doubling cube and of course the high-quality playing pieces (30 + 2 reserve pieces).


The price for a 45mm Checker Board starts at 1500 Euro,  The prices start at 1450 Euro for the Club Board, 1500 Euro for the Traditional Board, a "Traveller" Board (50mm Checker) costs from 1750 Euro, depending on special requests, and the "King Size" from 1800 Euro .


Das Bild links zeigt die Unterschiede zwischen den Boards "Traveller" und "King-Size".  Beide ermöglichen es einem Spieler, die größeren 2" (50mm) Steine zu genießen, die heute beliebt sind.  Es gibt jedoch einen Kompromiss.  Die kürzeren Vorder-zu-Rückseiten-Abmessungen des "Traveller" erlauben es nur, 11 Steine gleichzeitig quer über das Brett zu platzieren, während das "King-Size"-Brett für 12 Steine geeignet ist.  Das Bild rechts zeigt die Größe des Traditional Size Boards im Vergleich zu unserem King Size Modell.


Vergleich von geschlossener Traditioneller Größe (L) und King Size bord (R).




Volker Wenzlaff

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