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New Gammoner Doubling Cubes!


Enhance your playing experience with the new Gammoner brass and aluminum doubling cubes.  Designed after the acrylic doubling cubes now included with your board purchase, these spectacularly designed cubes can be purchased as auxiliary items to use during play.

They are truly gorgeous pieces of equipment and worthy of any player who loves collecting cubes.  And, they go perfectly with any Gammoner board as the 43 mm size retrofits the existing cube trays.

The aluminum weighs in at 186 grams, while the brass cube weighs in at a hefty 556 grams.

Prices are:

Brass Doubling Cube 190€.

Aluminum Doubling Cube 130€.

Complete Set 299€.

Anyone wishing to pre-order, please use the Contact Us page on the website or email


Complement your board with a 3rd, 4th, or even a 5th set of checkers.  On the board pictured above just look at the options...Deep Red, Medium Blue, White with a deep grey swirl, or even Black all go with the colours of the points and playing surface.  Add this option for only 75  per set (15 checkers) for 45mm and 85 for 50mm set (15 checkers). 

IMG_20190312_094625637 (1)_edited.jpg


Pour some colour onto your board each time you shake.  Purchase some extra sets of wild's your board and anything goes!

Board Gallery 50.jpg

Checker Trays

Make your playing surface stand out by framing it with a darker colour of felt to line the trays.  This allows your eyes to focus on the game.  No charge for this option.

Jespers Plaque_edited.jpg

Customized Plaques

For a small upcharge why not make your board even more unique by customizing your plaque. 


The picture on the left shows the normal plaque that comes with any board.  It has the Gammoner name as well as the production number of your board.  The right-hand picture shows Jesper Carlsson's board with his special inscription has been inscribed on the plaque. 

If you only want one plaque, and do not want it to be visible,  it can be put inside the compartment out of view when the magnetic lid is closed.

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