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Sizes and Prices


The open board is the Traditional size Gammoner board.  The two closed boards above the open board show the size difference "across the board" between the Traditional and King Size boards.

At Gammoner, "Our limit is your imagination" and fulfilling your imagination begins here!  Because "one size does not fill all", we offer four different sized boards.   Prices listed are in Euros and exclude shipping costs.  Because exchange rates between the Euro and US dollar can change at any time, a firm quote will be provided on the day of order.  In order to get an approximation of your board cost in US dollars click here and use the Currency Converter.

The "King-Size"

Price 1800€

Our largest board is called the "King Size" and is built around 2 inch (50 mm) checkers.  The dimensions are: 15.35" x 24.8" x3.5" (39 cm x 63 cm x 9 cm) closed, and 30.7" x  24.8" x 1.75" (78 cm x 63 cm x 4.5 cm) open.  This size is  ideal for chouette play, and also conforms to the limits of acceptable dimensions at most tournament venues. 

The "Traveller"

Price 1750€

For those players who prefer playing with the 50 mm checker but who also desire the convenience of a smaller-sized board, Gammoner has created a middle size called the "Traveller".  The dimensions are 15.4" x 22.8" x 3.5" (39 cm x 58 cm x 9 cm) closed, and 30.7" x 22.8" x 1.75" (78 cm x 58 cm x 4.5 cm) open.  The primary difference between the "Traveller" and the "King Size" is that 12 checkers can be stacked vertically on the "King Size", but only 11 checkers can be stacked vertically on the "Traveller" board. 

The "Traditional"

Price 1500€.

The "Traditional" is the smallest size board and is built around 1.75" diameter (45 mm) checkers.  The dimensions are 13.8" x 22.4" x 3.1" (35 cm x 57 cm x 8 cm) closed, and 28" x 22.4" x 1.55" (71 cm x 57 cm x 4 cm) opened.  This size is ideal for tournament play where space limitations won't allow the use of the "King Size" board.  This is also the easiest size to carry on public transportation.

The "Club" Board

Price 1450

The Traveller to the King Size is what the Club Board is to the Traditional.  The dimensions are The dimensions are 13.8" x 20.75" x 3.1" (35 cm x 52.7 cm x 8 cm) closed, and 28" x 20.75" x 1.55" (71 cm x 52.7 cm x 4 cm) opened.  This is even more ideal for playing in venues with smaller tables or will easily pack inside your suitcase when travelling to a tourney.  While this board may be smaller, it packs all the details that are found in our larger boards.


The picture to the left shows the differences between the "Traveller" and "King-Size" boards.  Both allow a player to enjoy the larger 2" (50mm) checkers which have become popular today.  However, there is a tradeoff.  The shorter front-to-back dimensions of the "Traveller" only allow 11 checkers to be placed across the board at any one time while the "King-Size" board fits 12 checkers comfortably.  The picture to the right shows the size of the Traditional size board compared to our King Size model.

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