checkers, dice & Doubling Cubes!

We make it easy to perfectly complement your leather, playing surface and point colours by offering you several different colours in checkers, dice and cubes.

Checkers--Choose two colours from the seven colours shown in the photograph.  We offer (from top to bottom, left to right) Deep Red, White, Grey, Medium Blue, Brown, Orange and Black.  Occasionally, another colour or two is available but these are our standard colours.  Also, don't forget that we include one extra checker of each colour because we understand how difficult it is to replace a lost checker.

Dice--Two sets of precision dice are included with each Gammoner Board.  In 14.2mm choose from Opaque White or Opaque Black like shown in the picture, or choose our translucent colours in Amber, Red, Green or Blue.  If you don't fancy the larger size, smaller-size dice measuring 12mm are available in Blue, Green, Amber and Lt Red.  

Doubling Cubes--Now included in all sets, the Gammoner all-aluminum cube.  Available in both 40mm and 45mm and weighing in at 150 grams.  The new cube is still made to fit in the special compartment shown by the black cube in the picture below.


We don't skimp when it comes to detail.  A hinged, magnetized lid hides your precision dice and keeps them from rattling around inside your board when transported.  All Doubling Cubes are now solid aluminum and are the same size as previous Gammoner Doubling Cubes.  Talk about details, look at the special section of the tray that holds the Doubling Cube during transport or holds the cube after a players accepts it during the match.