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The Paul Magriel 

memorial Board

Announcing The Paul Magriel Memorial Board by Gammoner Boards!






Magriel's nickname, X-22 is prominently used and displayed on each board. Boards are individually numbered 1-22, come with a Certificate of Authenticity, special checkers produced only for this set, as well as a Gammoner's signature all-aluminum cube that instead of the number 64 says "X-22".

These boards will be produced in the Traveller size of Gammoner boards. 


Dimensions and board particulars are:


Closed--15.4" x 22.8" x 3.5" (39 cm x 58 cm x 9 cm).

Open--30.7" x 22.8" x 4.5" (78 cm x 58 cm x 4.5 cm).

Case Leather-- Black leather case of the highest quality leather sourced especially for this board.

Playing Surface-- Traditional Gammoner Merino Wool Felt.

Points-- Traditional Gammoner hand-cut points interwoven into the playing surface for a perfect fit.

Checkers-- Special 2" Diameter (50mm) Gammoner swirled checkers.  Only 22 sets are being produced.

Doubling Cube-- Signature Gammoner, solid-aluminum cube (40mm sq, 155 grams) with one side inscribed "X-22" instead of the traditional 64. This cube has been specially made and only available with this board.

Commemorative Plaque--  The plaque located in prominent view during every match will say "The Paul Magriel Memorial Board" with the number of your board such as "01/22."

Certificate of Authenticity-- Each board comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing that your board is one of only 22 boards produced.

Here's your chance to be one of only 22 people to own this board. 


Email today to to order yours now!


1950€ plus shipping.


Sold Out!

There are no more.  If you are one of the 22 players who purchased a board, congratulations, and thank you for your support!

Jonah Seewald.jpg

Pictured is Jonah Seewald.  Many thanks to Jonah for sharing the pictures of his #2 Paul Magriel Commemmorative Board by Gammoner.  Jonah is the recent winner of the 2019 Open Division of the Texas Championships...why did Jonah win?

Because..."He put the checkers where they belong"!

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