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Playing Surface & Points



Every playing surface of a Gammoner board is made from industrial-grade, Merino wool felt.  The points are hand-cut and inlaid into the playing field to form a perfect, precision fit.  This inlaid method means that checkers easily glide from point to point, unlike points that have been stitched onto the playing surface. 


Gammoner's colour palette consists of more than 40 different shades permitting literally tens of thousands of possible field and point combinations. 

The industrial-grade, Merino wool felt is dirt-repellant and is designed to stand up to the rigors of serious and extended playing sessions.  In the unlikely event that the felt becomes soiled, it can easily be cleaned in most instances with a moist cloth or with a commercial cleaner designed for use on seat cushions.

Click here to begin choosing the colors for your playing surface and points.



















In the picture to the left, check out our new felt color, Pepper.  A perfect shade to complement most any point colour felt you choose.


We hand cut both point colour choices and inlay them into the precision laser-cut playing surface.  Sylvia Wist's Gammoner board (below) illustrates how this process guarantees a perfect fit between points and surface letting your checkers effortlessly glide from point to point.  After you pick your point, playing field and checker colours we will send you a picture of your choice to review (above right). 

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