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This is Volker Wenzlaff, CEO of Gammoner and the man that does it all.  He sources materials, constructs the boards and packs and ships to customers a custom-built backgammon board.   Volker has earned the reputation for being the builder of one of the highest quality boards built today.   

This is the Gammoner story as told in an interview conducted by Gammoner board owner Alexander Auer.   

All photos were taken by Alexander's wife,  Doris, an accomplished photographer whose photos capture the quality and craftsmanship of a Gammoner board.


Enjoy the passion that all three have for their work and the game of backgammon!

Volker Wenzlaff

Gammoner Interview-1.jpg

Click Here or on the above picture for the full story about Gammoner Boards.

Gammoner First Class.jpg

Click Here or on the above picture for a video review of Gammoner Boards.

The Gammoner Story

Many thanks to both Volker Wenzlaff, Alexander Auer and the USBGF for allowing us to share the interview on

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