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Stay up-to-date with the latest news from Gammoner Boards and the Backgammon World

10/15/19  I am pleased to announce that for the 3rd

straight year Gammoner Boards will sponsor by providing

the boards used in all streamed matches at the 2020

Atlanta Spring Classic. 


Tara Mendicino, co-director of the Texas Backgammon

Championships once again will provide professional live

streaming and world class commentary each day of the



Click on the picture for more information.




10/12/19  COMING SOON...a new look in our checkers. 

Stay tuned you're going to love it!






07/19/19 An updated felt colour guide for playing surfaces and points has been added.  Click on the menu tab "Building the Board" and look for Points and Playing Surfaces.



05/17/19 Fiorentina leather style has been discontinued and will no longer be available.  We will continue to offer both Rendena and the embossed leather styles.



11/27/18 New Felt Colour "Pepper" Added to

Colour Pallete

We are pleased to announce that we have added

a new felt colour to our pallet of colours for your

playing surface and points.  In the picture, notice

how attractive "Pepper" and all the choices for points,

cups and leather case colours that will be a perfect




9/27/18 "Paul Magriel Memorial Cup II"

Due to popular demand a second "Paul Magriel Memorial Cup" has been added to the EBIF calendar.  In only four days the first event was filled with 64 top notch players hungry to win the Grand Prize of a limited-edition of only 22 made Paul Magriel Commemorative Backgammon Boards produced by Gammoner. 


The second edition offers even more prizes.  The winner will still receive another numbered, limited-edition Magriel board, but the second place finisher will receive the solid aluminum X-22 cube.  A new twist is the added Knockout Round.  Players who have been defeated twice in the Main Event will be placed into a knockout round tourney for a chance to win back the entry fee of 35€.


For more information about the "Paul Magriel Cup II"  Click Here to be taken to the EBIF Germany where all the details and rules are spelled out as well as a place to enter the tournament.


Best of rolls to all! 



9/10/18  Felt Playing Surface Colour Discontinued.

From this point forward, the colour "Mocha 28" is being discontinued by our felt manufacturer.  While we do not have enough of this colour left in our inventory for the playing surface we do have enough in inventory to produce a few boards if you choose this as your points colour.

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