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Atlanta Spring Classic Winners 2018

Michael Neagu

Robert Wilensky Memorial

Dennis Culpepper

Championship Division

Alan Epstein

Intermediate Division

Seniors Division

Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club Member

Michael Aster

Novice Division

Gammon Guys Board Tourney

Greg Evans

Atlanta Cup Intermediate

Dennis Culpepper & Greg Lilley


Roberto Litzenberger

Speedgammon and Warm-Up Tourney

Koray Agirbas (L)


Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club Member

Mary Hickey and Ray Fogerlund

Joint Winners After-Tourney Tourney

Special thanks to the Gammon Guys for being a sponsor and providing

an Artgammon tournament board as the prize for the Novice Division winner and for the Gammon Guys Board Tourney winner.

Special thanks to Gammoner boards for sponsoring all the streamed matches from the Atlanta Spring Classic.

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